Health Cuisine is a culinary coffeetable book in-the-making featuring 12 Chefs in 12 Destinations. This unique wellness book presents delicious & healthy signature dishes from inspirational Chefs around the World. Health Cuisine is published by Hospitality in Health (HIH). Each of the 12 Destinations are personally visited to experience the cuisines, to shoot photo’s and to write about the people, the food and Spa & Wellness at the Hotels & Resorts and Restaurants. On 12/12/12 the book ‘From Farm to Fork in Twente‘ (the Dutch chapter, and a prelude to the main book) was published in The Netherlands.  

Foodreporter  video (Dutch), related article Health Cuisine lesonderdeel Cas Spijkers Academie Twente

Health Cuisine video (English) in Alicante, Hua Hin, Hong Kong and Twente.

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