From Farm to Fork in Jordan

You can learn much about a country through its food. We welcome you on a culinary journey to experience all of our four seasons, and meet our local farmers, products and chefs. The future is local, biodiverse and inclusive.

HIH Core Values

Across the world, a new generation of health-conscious visitors, business travelers and meeting planners are looking for destinations that offer Sustainable Culinary Tourism. From Farm to Fork in Jordan is meeting these guest expectations based on four core values: Health Cuisine, Environment, Innovation, and Socio-Economic Impact.


Our mission is to see more local produce served at hotels, restaurants and event venues across the country by connecting local farmers to local chefs based on the four core values of Hospitality in Health.

Our Story

Our story begins with a culinary coffee-table-book come food travel guide titled “From Farm to Fork in Jordan”, featuring 24 products, 24 farmers, 24 chefs and 48 dishes from all 12 governorates.

Launching Soon

Our story continues on this website where visitors will soon be able to find:

  1. Sustainable Restaurants & Meeting Venues
  2. Culinary Tours
  3. Food Events Calendar

In the News

Click on the article to read what The National News wrote about our mission.

Health-Conscious Visitors

Worldwide, a new generation of health-conscious tourists, business travelers and meeting planners is interested in socially responsible and more sustainable tourism, fueled by the EU Green Deal.

European Green Deal