From Farm to Fork in Twente

From Farm to Fork in Twente is an inspirational culinary book about Health Cuisine in Twente, also known as the Country Estate of the Netherlands  featuring SVH Masterchef Michel van Riswijk (Country Estate Hotel De Bloemenbeek, *Michelin), Chef Willem Dankers (Dorset Restaurant, Alliance Gastronomique), SVH Masterchef Jelle Wagenaar (Het Seminar Culinary Theatre), Chef Rob Fiselier (Wellness Resort De Holtweijde), students of the Cas Spijkers Academie (the highest ranking culinary school in the Netherlands) and many more.

About Health Cuisine

Health Cuisine is an international book project by Hospitality in Health (HIH) about the connection between healthy gastronomy and wellness, and featuring 12 Chefs in 12 Destinations. Destinations featured so far are Spain, Thailand and China. A chapter was also written about the Netherlands with special attention to ‘low food miles’ and regional artisan produce from Twente, a green region located in the east of the Netherlands. Shortly after the summer of 2012 it became apparent we gathered more material than we actually needed for the Health Cuisine book, so we decided to publish a separate book in lieu of, and as a ‘little sister’ of Health Cuisine. We titled the book ‘From Farm to Fork in Twente’, in essence a prelude to what is yet to come. 26 different companies in the Twente region participated in the making of the book which was published symbolically on 12/12/12.  The book is innovatively marketed by the VVV Twente (regional tourism board) as destination marketing tool at various domestic and international tourism trade fairs. In addition, other regions in the Netherlands expressed interest to produce their own version of From Farm to Fork book with HIH with the purpose of promoting their own topchefs and regional artisan produce at a higher touristic level.

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From Farm to Fork in Twente - English