AMMAN — Three ribbons were tied to the branches of an olive tree at a farm in the Eastern Madaba Desert on November 26 to celebrate World Olive Tree Day — a symbolic day that was added by UNESCO and the International Olive Council to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2019. 

During the seven-week culinary campaign, guests, visitors and food lovers are able to experience the season by joining seven olive farm tours in seven governorates across the Kingdom

The country is hoping to welcome its first crop of culinary tourists this year, and introduce them to local food, farmers and chefs

Positive movements towards healthy and responsible menu’s for Chefs and Food & Beverage professionals. In a landmark decision on May 20th, the EU has put organic and biodiversity at the heart of its food system with the ’Farm to Fork’ strategy which is set to grow from 8% to 25% organic farming in Europe by 2030.

مهمتنا هي رؤية المزيد من المنتجات المحلية التي يتم تقديمها في الفنادق والمطاعم وأماكن الفعاليات في جميع أنحاء البلاد

The shift in consumer behavior towards healthy food

EU Green Deal

The EU Green Deal is making Europe climate neutral by 2050 making energy, transport and buildings greener, improving the quality of air, water and soil, producing healthier food and sustainable agriculture.

EU Farm to Fork Strategy

The corner stone of the EU Green Deal is the Farm to Fork strategy, which requires 25 per cent of farmers within the region to be certified organic by 2030. That’s millions of farmers whose healthier food ends up on the plates of EU consumers who will bring that expectation to the destinations they travel to as a tourist or as a visitor, including Jordan.